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Guild Rules

So I spend an inordinate amount of my free time playing World of Warcraft, at least I'm in good company :-) I have made many "virtual" friends by creating this guild (group of like minded individuals) called "Veni Vidi Vici". Its a good group of individuals who have helped me progress far quicker than could otherwise be expected.

Below is a proposal for some guild information and expectations that I am
proposing to make our guild experience more pleasant and useful for all of our members.

So you want to be a chosen member? Well we are happy to have you! Below are some of the expectations that we have for our members, please read them and understand them as lack of compliance will make your membership, shall we say, short...

In this guild we don't want to be super strict or not allow you to have fun, it is a game after all. But some behavior will not be tolerated. I will define the infractions clearly, but above all Common sense chivalry is to be expected at all times. Stand above the rest in your behavior with other people, always be fair and try and resolve matters in a mutually beneficial manner.

Capital Offenses

Begging --

Do not ask strangers for free goods, services or money. It is annoying, uncool, and it tarnishes the Guild as a whole. It will not be tolerated. I make it a point of reporting every person who begs to their guild-master, and I know I'm not alone. As far as asking guild members for money there are only certain situations in which that will happen. The economy of this game is such that other than perhaps a mount at level 40, there is no reason anyone should need money from the guild. If you have earned a place of respect via good behavior and support of you fellow guild-mates you will earn promotions that will enable you to qualify for a mount loan. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be saving up for it yourself.
Furthermore needing money for some blue item, or trinket that you must have is not the guilds responsibility. If you have made friends within the guild who want to lend you money so be it, but we are not your mom or dad, more like the rich uncle who sends you stuff when you least expect it, if he likes you that is.

Ninja Looting --

There will never, ever, ever be any excuse for this that won't get you immediately booted from the guild. I can not emphasize this enough. It doesn't matter if the party you are in is full of Ninja looting newbies who took all your stuff and killed your pet panda. "m8s do not Ninja!"

I will explain what Ninja looting is so that there is absolutely no confusion.

Ninja Looting

Looting a chest without rolling with your party to determine who should
get its contents.

Always wait until all threats are resolved before rolling. Never loot during a battle, its bad form.

Make sure it is unambiguous what you are rolling for, don't ever roll
for no reason or when you see a chest or item. Be clear why you are
rolling and what it's for.

If you are going to pass on an item or chest, say so. Make it clear that you are passing.

Do not manipulate the roll, /random 100-100 is not funny, it's not cool, and it's not mature. Don't waste peoples time with fake rolls.

Looting a chest that another person or group has spent the time and
effort to clear.

There is nothing less cool than killing off a ton of mobs to have some
jerk run up and take the chest you just fought for.

If there is someone else in near proximity who may be attempting to
retrieve the chest, negotiate via rolling or whatever means to determine ownership of the chest.

Rolling on an item that you were not entitled to.

Understand the difference between Bind on Equip and Bind on Pickup,
if you loot a BoP item that you can't use and someone in the party
can, you can expect to be charged with Ninja looting.

It is your responsibility to know the looting rules before you are in a situation that requires them.

Roll on item's that you can actually use. If you roll on a plate item
and you can only wear leather you should only be rolling if you have
explicit permission to do so. If you already have the item do not roll, let someone else have a chance at it.

Changing looting mode or rules without consensus of the party.

If you are leading a Party you should not ever change the looting rules without prior agreement and consensus.

Even though it's not Ninja looting to roll on everything you are technically entitled to, being a considerate player will get you invited into more groups. More groups mean more opportunities to get great loot. Be cool, don't roll on everything you see, roll on the items you need.

The Guild and You

Only Main Chars in the Guild.

New people joining the guild have to register to forum/phpraid within 1 week. During the 1st week after joining those peepz are tagged as trial. The join date is marked in players notes.
If not registered the Player is removed from guild after 1 week.

Additonally: All unregistered Players have until the 1st of March to register to forum/phpraid or they get removed as well.

Guild Support -- We are not here to answer all your questions. >-- Read that again. Okay, we are here to help you when you are really stuck. If you are clever enough to be playing WoW (not a high bar to say the least) you have the skills to answer most of your own questions. is your friend, learn how to use it. Don't ask questions that can be answered by reading the WoW website ( ), the forums ( ) or our own forum ( ) everyone is busy doing what they need to do, don't waste their time asking what [voodoo mojo juice] is used for. If you really want to know, use thottbot.

We are not here to give you stuff for free. You want something you have to earn it just as we did before you. We have no need for coddled wallflowers that have no skills because everything was given to them. Don't ask for free Potions, Weapons, Food or Bags. If you act cool and gain respect, people will help you and give you shit. Just because you gave us the privilege of you membership doesn't entitle you to diddly squat. Earn your place; show your worth, you will be rewarded for it.

Parties and Instances -- Don't ask someone more than 5 levels above you to help you go anywhere. We are not an escort service; you should be partied up with similar level players in order to maximize the amount of experience you gain. You don't care about experience you say? Well, we do. This is not a power guild, you don't have to gain a level a day to stay here, or play 40 hours a week. But if you want the guilds assistance it has to be in our self interest to help you. We need experienced level 60 players who can contribute to our ability to participate in the high end content of the game. If you are not interested in doing that, it's cool, but we are not going to spend two hours keeping you alive in some dungeon just so you can have some blue item. We expect you to be reciprocating by doing your best to increase your skill and help similar level guild members.

Recruitment -- It is important that you are an ambassador for our guild, there are lot's of good players out there and we want them playing for us. We all flailed about in the beginning, looking for the right guild, finding people we could trust. It's important that you get out there and help people in need and make friends outside the guild. Many of the people I helped or helped me in the early levels are now friends and guild-mates, and it's better to find out that someone is a ninja over a level 6 Uncommon than over a level 60 Epic. When you find people you like, have them look at this site and these codes of conduct. We will always need new blood in our Junior Guild and/or in our main Guild.

Trade Skills -- The guild has people that focus on specific trade skills. Assist them to be successful by using them for your needs and be sure to offer formulas and recipes to the appropriate guild professional before selling it. If you are going to take up a skill, find out what the guild needs and focus on that. We are a team; try to find the best way that you can help before you invest time and effort towards something that is unnecessary.

Guild Chat -- This is a crazy place where people often feel free to express themselves. This is encouraged, don't pick on people or insult them. If someone is an idiot they will make that clear by themselves, no need to help them. There are often under aged players logged in, so try to maintain some propriety. Directions, one-to-one communication and pointless exclamations (Lagggggg!!!1) should be kept to a minimum. We want good signal to noise ratio so that the guild chat remains useful.

General, Public, Party, Whisper and Trade Chat -- You must follow WoW's terms of service. Keep it rated 'G', don't insult or attack people via whisper. Don't spam the Trade Channel repeatedly. If someone is rude to you do not retaliate, use /ignore.

WoW Forum's -- We will not censor you freedom of personal speech, but unless you are explicitly authorized to speak for the guild, you must never phase things in a way that will reflect the guild as a whole in a bad light. Do not criticize other guilds or players without stating you are speaking for yourself. If you are starting flame wars and making unjustified, rude or harmful comments you can expect to be called on it, so act respectfully.

Invasion / Battlegrounds -- Often ambiguously referred to as raid. There is no experience associated with killing horde and the rewards appear to be very biased towards high level players. It is fun to fight real people, but try not to spend more than a reasonable amount of time at this if it is your intent on reaching level 60. The Honor system and rewards are new and this advisory may change. It is quite possible that someday Battlegrounds becomes a focus of the guild, but at this time getting up to level 60 to help in instances is the best contribution you can make.

Instances -- Also ambiguously referred to as raid. There should always be a leader; he or she should be listened to at all times. Don't argue with the instance leader, use whispers if you have an issue, suggestion or disagreement. Refrain from newbies behavior, keep the pace steady and make sure to stay tightly grouped with your party.
The Guild is raiding at least 2-3 times a week with a fixed timeframe. The timeframe needs to be defined.

Raidinstances 20+ people which VVV is currently working on are mandatory for signup and no PuGs are allowed for these instances. Players online at the time and not taking part in the instance runs do need to have a very good excuse. Otherwise they get a warning. If not taking part continously - removal from guild.

Attunement to certain instances has to be made in time - timeframe is announced on forums. All guildmembers have to help get the Non-Attuned attuned as quick as possible.

Items from 20+ Instances are given away by using the dkp system.

Scheduled guild raid events
The Guildmember is expected to be able to join for scheduled raid events
The Guildmember is expected to sign for raids using php raid and must be able to at least listen to Teamspeak.
The Guildmember is expected to actually show up for the raid you sign for and be on time for the invite to the raid (15 minutes before the invites start).
The Guildmember is expected to be at the gathering location for the raid you are going to attend to.
The Guildmember is expected to be fully repaired and carry the required items and / or equipment necessary for that particular raid.
The Guildmember is expected to be familiar with the boss encounters you can expect for that particular raid you will attend to. See here for info:
The Guildmember is expected to inform if he cannot take part in a signed raid. (e.g. via forum)

Instance Tips

Do not pull unless specifically instructed to.

The party leader will determine who pulls in a party; you should never ever be pulling if you are not the puller.

Make sure you are aware of patrols when you pull. If youre a puller, it is your responsibility to pull one group, take the time you need to do your job correctly.

If you are a hunter, learn how to take advantage of your unique pulling skills -- tracking, and feign death.

Understand what the Main Tank's (MT) role is, and don't pull aggro from him.

Know your position.

Do not run ahead. As tempting as it is to be up front, you hurt the party by not staying in a cleared safe area. If you are a warrior, don't charge and create the melee area in front of the party (never charge unless instructed to.) Allow the pullers to bring the mobs back to where the fight should take place.

Make sure that your Kleenex armored spell casters are protected, in larger groups one melee type should hang back and keep them from being interrupted or killed.

If you are lower in level than your fellow party members stay in the back. You have a much larger threat radius than your party's, that means that you will attract unwanted adds by running to the front and attacking. Stay in the back and do your best, causing a wipe will make people think twice about inviting you again.

Sheep, Shackle, Sap and Banish

Living and dying is all about crowd control, knowing how to use and interact with these spells is vital.

Sheep and Shackle should be done outside the melee area. Sheeping a target once it is within striking range and AoE range is asking for trouble and limiting flexibility. Sheep and shackle as soon as possible, before people have established a target. Always target the furthest creature as a convention and work with the puller to insure that it happens as close to simultaneously as possible.

If you strike a sheeped or shackled mob, stop and find a different target. Refrain from AoE attacks when there are constrained creatures in the melee area.


Always try to keep your party buffed. There are many aids to doing so, there should never be a reason that people should have to request a rebuff.

Guild loot rules

Default Rules -- These are the rules that we play with as a guild. We recommend that you use them when playing with other guilds and parties if you are in charge of setting the loot rules as well:

Roll on all bind on equip (BoE) Uncommon items.

Just roll or pass. This improves the pace of the game. If you need the item, whisper the winner, discuss it at the end of the run or when there is a pause in the action. Don't stop the flow of the party over these items.

If you win the item and someone in the party requests the item from you because it is an upgrade for them and you are not going to use it yourself, you should graciously offer it to them when you have the opportunity. Indicate in chat that the player is interested, and ask if anyone else needs. Roll to determine who will get the item. If there is an issue or conflict, the party leader will arbitrate.

Roll on bind on pickup (BoP) Uncommon items only if you intend to and are able to use the item and the item is an upgrade.

If everyone passes, the item will be made available to anyone who wants it on a greed basis via a /roll (equivalent to /random 100) roll.

Roll on bind on equip (BoE) Rare items only if you intend to and are able to use the item and the item is an upgrade to your existing equipment.

If you win, make sure that you offer an item to someone in the party who has more need for the item than yourself. If the consensus is that the item is for a particular class, surrender the item as directed by the party leader.

If everyone passes, the item will be made available to anyone who wants it on a greed basis via a /roll (equivalent to /random 100) roll.

Roll on bind on pickup (BoP) Rare items only if the party leader has instructed you or your class / role to roll on the item, you intend to use the item.

Do not roll unless it is an upgrade to what you currently have.

Do not roll if you already have the item.

If everyone passes, the item will be made available to anyone who wants it on a greed basis via a /roll (equivalent to /random 100) roll.

Do not roll on Epic items, ever.

The party leader will discuss with the group who should be entitled to manually roll for the item. The requirement for everyone to pass is in order to allow enough time for appropriate debate over the most desirable items in the game.

Ninja looting an Epic item is the dumbest thing you could do. If you roll on the item, despite being instructed not to, you will be kicked from the guild and labeled a Ninja server wide, regardless of whether or not you win. It's not worth it, don't do it.

If you win the Epic item, you should immediately equip the item unless it was won on the basis of a pure greed roll.

These are our rules; they are not necessarily the laws of the land. Many people will have variations, if you don't like a party's rules don't group with them. Don't complain; don't say that they are wrong. Know the loot rules before you adventure, don't expect to establish them while you are playing. If someone ninja's on your party take a note of their name and guild, do not verbally abuse them. Contact an officer with the information and we will handle the issue. Ninja looting is more common than it should be and takes a lot away from the game, when it happens to you try to be civil and take the high road.
There is never an excuse to ninja loot!

GM Blomsterbed and officers