Guild MOTD: VVV will be a lvl 50+ guild, but your alts can join if u want.

Veni Vidi Vici @ Trollbane (PvP)
Last updated: Sat Jul 14th, 6:49am (GMT +1)
Members: 53 (+0 Alts)
  • Average Level: 65
  • Level 70: 25
  • Level 60-69: 17
  • Level 50-59: 11
  • Level 40-49: 0
  • Level 30-39: 0
  • Level 1-29: 0
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Guild Info
We want active members, meaning if u are are not online for 30 days u will be kicked out from the guild.
Try to spend some time recruiting new members lvl 50+.

Please register and read more on this issue in the forum under General. Also remember to read the Guild Rules, which are found on the site.

Vent Server: Pass: killem

Good luck to you all.

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