Here are listed all the things you need to do when registering on the GuildWebsite, and it is important the you follow the list as some parts of the site require use of the previous.

Step 1 - Register on the Forum

The first thing you need to do is to register on the forum.
This is done by going to the forum at
Then click the register buttom, to make a new account.

Next you will need to agree to the terms of using the Forum.

Now it is time to give the info for your account. First specify a username(and please use the same as you char-name) password, email etc. And write the code show on the page.
When all info needed info is entered, and you settings for the forum set(the standard is in most cases fine) you click submit.

The Forum will then confirm you accountcreation and send you an activation-email to the adresss specified. To activate the account simply click the link in this email, and you are ready to use the forum.
(If you do not recieve an activation-email contact Nadix, and she/I will activate you account)

To logon simply click the Login link and give the username and password.

Step 2 - Register on PHPRaid

When you have created an account in the forum(step 1) you can now create you char in PHPRaid so that you can join our raids.
The first thing todo is login, if not already logged in on, using the same username and password as for the forum.

You can now goto the menu "Profile" to create a char(don't worry if you don't have as many items in the menu as on the image, that is because I am an admin :P)
Then click add a new char, and supply info on name, class, level etc. and click add-char when done.

You are now able to join all raids that your char meets the requirements for, by going to the "Main Page" and clicking signup. And then select the char and click Signup.

Step 3 - Registering you char on the WoWRoster

The WoWRoster is a great place to see what ressources there are in the guild, like Keys, Professions and much more.
But to use it at its full each player must upload info about their char by themself.
To do this you need to do a few things first.

Step 3.1 - Downloading and installing CharacterProfiler

First you need an addon the can collect the data for WoWRoster. This can be fund at
The addon is in a Zip-file, download an extract this, e.g. on you desktop

Next copy the directory(folder) called "CharacterProfiler" and goto you wow-installation under Interface/addons. e.g. D:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns and insert the directory(folder) there like seen the on the second image.

The addon is now installed and to check this start WoW, and goto the logon screen, and verify that the addon is installed and activated, as seen it is on the image below.

Step 3.2 - Saving the Char-data

I most cases the Addon automaticly saves the Data, but it can also be done manually by going the the Char-Info page(press "C") inside WoW, and clicking the Save button. For the data to be fully saved and uploadeble to the WoWRoster you will need to exit WoW.

Step 3.3 - Uploading the data

To upload the data to the WowRoster goto
Next you must locate the CharacterProfiler.lua -file which will be located in you WoW-folder e.g. D:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\*Accountname*\SavedVariables\CharacterProfiler.lua.
Todo this click the browse buttom and browse to the location, and select the file.

Now all that is left to do is to click upload. (and you don't need any password to do this)

Step 4 - Installing DKP_Matrix for ingame access to DKP-stats

comming soon